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belle poitevine rose

The Belle Poitevine rose, produces flowers that are quite large, in a shade of magenta/pink.

These are very hardy roses, that do especially well planted in coastal regions, where you will often see the Belle Poitevine growing in hedges, or large shrubs by the ocean.

They are very fragrant roses,and the flowers last a long time. These Rugosa roses grow into a mounded shaped shrub, with wrinkled foliage, and lots of prickles (thorns).

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Type Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Hybridizer Bruant 1894

Blooms Magenta Pink, and Fushia colored flowers have a hint of purple, and cream colored stamens. The flowers are semi-double, flat, and loosely crinkled.” with 9-16 petals

Growth Habits The bush grows grows upright and tall. It is well-branched, and has a mounded habit, that can get 6'x 5' wide.

Foliage medium size, medium green, wrinkled (Rugosa form), very thorny

Fragrance intense, very fragrant

Awards Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993

Hardy Zone 4-9

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Rosa Rugosa,  produce flowers all season long, from Summer through Fall. The upright, well-branched, mounded growing bush makes a great hedge.

They are not only very hardy, but also shade tolerant, and very disease resistant as well.

This very hardy rose, (Belle Poitevine), is lovely all season. They give a beautiful fall display, with leaves turning a golden yellow/orange color. They sometimes produce large orange/red hips that if left on the bush, last all winter.

They are not good roses for cutting. They droop quickly after cutting.

The best way to enjoy that intense fragrance, is to plant them close enough to smell the perfume of the rose fragrance. Plant them in the back or corner of the garden, and place a bench, or garden chair nearby, so that you can take a gardening break, and enjoy the wonderful fragrance of these blooms!

The translation of the name is 'Beauty of Poitou'. This is the region where the breeder's nursery was in France.

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