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Belinda's Dream roseBelinda's Dream

The Belindas Dream Rose bears very pretty, pink colored blooms with a strong, sweet fragrance.These Earth-Kind Shrub roses are a wonderful mix of a Hybrid Tea and and old Rambler.

The medium pink colored flowers have a pale pink reverse. The blooms come in small clusters.

You'll get flowers in abundance from the Belindas Dream Rose bush.

Type  Shrub rose

Hybridizer  Dr. Robert E. Basye (United States) 1988

Blooms Medium pink color, paler pink reverse. Blooms are 3 1/2 - 4 1/2" across, with 45 plus petals. (up to 100)

Foliage small size foliage with glossy, blue-green leaves

Growth Habits Bushy, upright growing, 5' tall by 4' wide

Fragrance Very strong, sweet scent

Hardy Zones  Zone 6b to 9b

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The large double blooms are classic Hybrid Tea form, and come in clusters, that are long lasting when cut.

The blooms have long stems, making them perfect for really nice bouquets that have the fruity fragrance of raspberries.

This rosebush keeps the blooms coming, and doesn't need to be dead-headed. It also does not produce rose hips.

An occasional light pruning is all it needs to keep it tidy. You can keep it to a more compact size by pruning it lower.

It is best pruned in the spring, when it should also be fertilized.

Parentage; Jersey Beauty  x  Tiffany

Best way to grow Belindas Dream rose..

It grows vigorously with an upright, arching habit that makes it very useful for hedges. It doesn't grow as well as a climber, as it tends to look lanky.

This rose, being bred by a Texan academic, excels in hot climates, but also does well in temperate regions.

It is resistant to black-spot, and unaffected by most rose diseases.

Note; It can however be effected by black-spot in cool damp weather.

The developer of Belindas Dream, Dr. Robert Basye, (a retired Math professor), named this rose for the daughter of a friend in Caldwell Texas.

Information about Earth-Kind Roses...

Only select roses are chosen to be Earth-Kind roses. They are selected by the Texas Agrilife Extension Service, through the Earth-Kind landscaping program.

The rose must pass exceptional field trials and demonstrate it's superiority. It must perform well in landscaping situations, grow well in a variety of soils, and excel with minimal fertilizers and pesticides.  They must also have excellent heat and drought tolerance.

In other words.....they must be exceptional roses that are very care-free!

Most gardeners fall in love with this attractive, fragrant rose once they see it, but growing it is proof of it's durability....

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