Beauty Secret Miniature Rose

Mini Red Rose Bush

Beauty Secret miniature rose has high centered cardinal red rose flowers. There is a characteristic point to the terminal edge of the flower petals.

As the name suggests, the Beauty Secret rose is very pretty, and is considered the classic miniature rose of the middle 1960’s. The flowers open out into a flat mass of tightly quilled petals.

The flowers are rosette shaped, with bright red petals that have a slightly darker color to the back of the petal. These lovely red rose blooms, are borne in small clusters, of 4-10, blooms, with a strong, sweet, (fruity) fragrance.

The blooms on the Beauty Secret mini rose are quick to repeat. This red rose bush, blooms in flushes throughout the season, on a healthy, disease resistant rose bush.

The tiny, double, cherry red blooms, rest on a compact, bushy, mini plant, that is perfect for in the garden, or in a border.

Type Miniature Rose

Hybridizer Ralph Moore (USA) 1965

Growth Habits Vigorous, bushy Plant medium size, it grows 1 2-15”.

Blooms Cardinal Red Flowers, are a bright, cherry red. Flowers are 1-1/2” across

Foliage bright green, foliage

Fragrance strong, fruity fragrance

Awards American Rose Society Award of Excellence 1975, Miniature rose Hall of Fame 1999

Hardy zone zones 5-10

This mini rose, is a vigorous growing rose bush that branches out well, has dense foliage, and supply’s lots of picture perfect blooms. The tiny buds burst open to become cardinal red, double form little flowers.

This miniature rose bush is an award winning miniature that tends to do well wherever it is planted. It blooms continuously throughout the growing season, and is rated quite highly by some rosaries. When the American Award Society began its award program, it awarded this little beauty without hesitating.

There have been few rose bushes that have been as consistently popular for such a span of time (nearly 40 years). It has a very good reputation as a garden plant, and a winner on the show table.

This miniature rose plant is an old favorite, with a terrific color, that holds up well, and resists fading it is quite hardy. It is a prolific bloomer, and has everything one could ask for, in a rose. It forms a small, healthy growing plant, with good disease resistance.

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