Beautiful Memories

beautiful memories

Make beautiful memories of your garden and flowers by creating a lovely Photobook by Mixbook By using your own pictures that you've taken in your garden, you can create a treasured memory of your garden.

As we stroll through life doing what we do each day, we sometimes forget about the simple things in our life that bring us great pleasure. As we grow older, we realize that you can never go back and recapture things gone.

This is your life one day at a time,

Make the most of that one day,

As it will never come again,

Take the time to make a memory of precious time gone by,

Because in future years, it's all you will have of it.

Make beautiful memories with a lovely printed story book of your rose garden, or specific flowers you grow.It could be of places you visit, and of course, lots of pictures of your loved ones. I guarantee they will all be treasured for years to come.

Great on-line print processing

BY using their lovely photo borders and frames, you can create a classic album to treasure. To create this beautiful classic Photo Book simply log in, upload your photos, and start creating!

Many photo borders and frames to choose from to make your beautiful memory album unique, and so... special.

These also make great gifts for family members.

You can choose a cover color, and then customize the pages to include backgrounds and decorations to capture just the right look.

Make one to keep and one to give as a gift!

Cover can be leather or linen.

Printed on premium paper.

Cheap print developing that delivers quality products. Save 20% plus FREE shipping at Mixbook

These photo memory books will make your family and friends, (and all who see it) really flip! And don't forget about photo calendars! What better way to view those beautiful pictures you took in the garden all year? Pick a different one for each month. Photo Wall Calendars by Mixbook also make a great gift for loved ones.

For pictures of your garden that create beautiful memories, photograph your garden through all the stages of bloom. Beautiful photographs of flowers/gardens make lovely greeting cards. It's so nice to view photos of your garden in the winter months when it is cold and frosty outside. It gives you something to look forward to and makes Spring seem that much closer.

Photographing Tips for Making Beautiful Memories

  • When photographing your garden, choose a cloudy day. I know, it seems really pretty out in the garden with the bright sunshine, but you'll get better results without the glare and shadows the sun will cause.
  • When taking a close-up of a specific rose, sprinkle a little water on it!
  • Take photos from different angles. Instead of just standing over the flower and taking the picture, try getting down to ground level and shooting, or even shooting up toward the flower.
  • When photographing the garden, be mindful of "things" that will be in the photo. Example: garden hoses, shovel, hoe, wheelbarrow,watering can etc., etc., etc. If you look carefully in the viewfinder before you take the picture, you can avoid having "things" in your photo spoiling your beautiful garden. It only takes a minute to remove things that would otherwise be in the photo.

For photographing your kids or family in the garden:

To create beautiful memories of your family:

Have all people in the photo wear the same colors of clothing. Example: everyone has blue shirts and tan pants/skirts.

Everyone in the photo should all have the same (type) of clothing meaning all Formal, or all Casual.

Solid colors look best, no prints, or stripes.

This will make a MUCH nicer photo. When you have a hodgepod of different colors, and styles it looks really clutzy.

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