Basic Rose Gardening Tools

Rose Tools for Pruning and Caring for RoseBushes

basic rose gardening tools, shovel and rake

Below you will find the basic rose gardening tools that you will need for Pruning, and Caring for rose bushes.

You will find a wide variety of garden tools offered for sale, but these are the important ones for growing roses.

It is wise to buy the best ones you can afford, so that they will not only work better, but last much longer!

Basic Rose Gardening Tools

First I'll explain the (basic rose gardening tools), then I'll explain the different pruning tools.

These are for planting, growing, and taking care of your rose garden;


You might need two different kinds. First you will need a rounded shovel for digging the planting holes.

Next, depending on the type of bed/garden you have, you might need an edging shovel (this one has a longer blade that is narrow, and square), it is made for cutting along the edge of the grass to form a unified, nicer looking bed.


Again, you will need two different ones;a metal rake for leveling the dirt in the bed before planting, and a leaf rake for raking out leaves.


A wheelbarrow is a must for any serious gardener! Trust me, you will be hauling all kinds of stuff with it; sod, mulch, snipped canes, leaves, etc.

Maybe even wheelbarrow loads of snipped roses......

PH Meter

Testing your soil before you even begin planting the roses will save you lots of trouble!

If you know what the ph is, you can amend the soil to make it perfect for growing roses before you begin, rather than try to figure out the problem after they are in the ground!

Check out The best soil for Roses page to learn more..

Kneeling Pad

This is not a (must have), but it sure is helpful! You'll find yourself down on your knees weeding, and/or fertilizing, and not only can it be painful for your knees, but if you've ever knelt on a previously cut cane full of thorns.....

Folding Ladder

If you grow climbing roses, a ladder will be necessary for trimming and to tie up roses that are higher than ground level.

Rose Gardening Gloves

A good pair of long leather gloves made specifically for pruning roses, will protect your hands and forearms.

Soft Ties

Soft ties (made for plants), or rope type material to tie up climbing and long canes.

Tools for Pruning Roses

There are really only a few basic rose gardening tools for Pruning the roses.

  • Pruning Shears
  • Lopping Shears
  • Pruning Saw

Pruning Shears

Pruning Shears are your 'Go to' snippers for basic rose garden use. These will be used for removing flowers, stems and leaves.

The best all-around ones are the hook and blade ones, also known as 'Curved Bypass Shears'

They have two opposing curved blades, and give you a nice clean cut.

Choose the largest pair you can comfortably hold in your hand.

Anvil Shears

These are only used for removing dead wood.

They have a straight blade that strikes a blunt surface, and are not good for cutting live canes. They could crush stems as they cut, leaving the stem open to disease and insect damage.

Lopping Shears

These are heavy duty, short bladed shears with long handles. They are great for dealing with larger canes from old garden roses, shrubs, and climbing roses.

Pruning Saw

For really large, thick canes (to large even for the lopping shears),you will need a special, large toothed pruning saw. It has a long, thin, curved blade, and is easy to handle.

For very tall bushes or climbers, the ones with extra long handles might be needed.

Note; Remember to keep your tools sharpened, so that they can give you the best cut!

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