Ballerina Rose

Hybrid Musk Roses, Shrub Roses

ballerina rose

Ballerina Rose, are Hybrid Musk Roses. These Shrub roses produce large clusters of pretty pink flowers.

Learn how to care for these wonderful shrub roses, and enjoy them in your garden.

This is a profusely blooming rose with large clusters of medium pink flowers with a white eye.

The flower clusters,on this pink rose bush, are reminiscent of Hydrangea blooms. The first flush of flowers each spring will obscure the abundant green foliage! A short pause, and a second flush will be nearly as good as the first.

If you like to photograph your roses to make

Beautiful memories of your garden these make lovely pink rose pictures. The flowering is very profuse.

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The Hybrid Musk roses are partial descendants of R.moschata the musk rose.

Most are hardy, disease resistant, fairly tall plants that will bloom all season in large, heavily fragrant clusters. Most have single flowers.

Hybrid Musk roses such as Ballerina, are very hardy, disease resistant, and will tolerate less sunlight than other roses. This makes them a very desirable rose!

Growing these shrub roses, is easy. They are great landscape roses. Make a hedge with them, and make a statement. Rose 'Ballerina' will produce hundreds of small, pink single blooms, with that lovely white center. The bush is restrained, and won't get out of control. Look here for the care of roses

ballerina rose bush

Type Shrub (Hybrid Musk)

Hybridizer Bentall 1937

Blooms Medium pink with a white eye. 2-3" single flowers grow in clusters. 5-7 petals

Growth Habits Medium, vigorous, and bushy. Well rounded bush Grows to 3-5'

Foliage foliage is small, dark green, and glossy

Fragrance only slight

Hardy Zone

zones 4-10

Most roses in the Shrub rose classification, resist rose disease, as do most Alba, and Damask roses,as well as all species roses ( except those with yellow flowers) This is a hardy rose (zones 4-10), that makes an ideal landscape rose, or for mass planting.

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