Autumn Sunset Rose

Apricot Shrub Roses

The Autumn Sunset rose, is a shrub rose that produces clusters of soft looking, warm colored roses that are a blend of apricot and golden yellow.

This is a very “sweet”, romantic looking rose, that would look nice in a cottage garden. Planted in a (night-garden) the highly scented blooms on the Autumn Sunset would seem to glow when viewed after dark.

Night Garden- This is a garden that is meant to be viewed at dusk, or late evening. Typically the garden is planted with all white, or light colored plants, that appear to illuminate when there is little light.

These shrub roses are considered very disease resistant, especially to black spot.

These garden roses can be used both as a climbing rose (where they could reach a height of 10’), or trained as a hefty, upright growing shrub rose You could keep it trimmed to around 7 feet. If you are searching for hedge roses for the garden,these hardy roses will make an impressive, thick hedge of yellow roses that can reach a spread of 6 feet wide.

Type Shrub Rose

Hybridizer  Lowe (USA) 1988

Growth Habits Tall, vigorous, bushy, can reach 6’ or taller.

Blooms Apricot/ Gold colored blooms, are ruffled, and semi-double. Flowers are 4” across ,and have 20-25 petals.

Foliage Medium size, medium green color, glossy, curved, medium red prickles

Fragrance Strong, fruity fragrance

Hardy zone zones 5-10

More on the Autumn Sunset Rose

This rose is a sport of Westerland, and has all of it's great qualities. The parent rose "Westerland" has deeper orange coloring with more red color in it, while Autumn Sunset is apricot, with touches of orange and deep yellow. It displays the best flower colors in cooler climates.

It starts to bloom early (usually the first year it is planted!)

This rose has loose, rather shaggy-looking cupped flowers. The loose flowers are produced in clusters on strong stems, with large, abundant, very healthy foliage.This is a fragrant rose, with a rose fragrance that is rather fruity. A wonderful garden fragrance for a rose flower bouquet, so pick lots of them for the vase!

Bloom time for this spectacular rose is continuous, from Summer through Fall. It produces decorative hips great for  Rose Hip Tea.

Can be used for; Cut flowers, landscape rose, pillar or climbing rose

Great hardy rose for Midwest and East Coast Gardeners.

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