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aromatherapy rose

The Aromatherapy rose is one of Jackson & Perkins most fragrant Hybrid tea roses.

Once you smell one of those magnificent blooms you won't soon forget the fragrance. They are a lovely rich pink color that will light up your garden with it's elegant blooms.

 Aromatherapy is the epitome of classic form and color. The high centered, double blooms are large in size. It is simply a super Hybrid Tea rose!

Try planting some blue (or) purple Delphiniums next to them, for a real show stopper in the garden. Picking a bouquet of these lovely pink roses will perfume the room you put them in for days.

The bouquets of this rose are very long-lasting. An established bush is a great addition to the garden.

When it comes to pink colored Hybrid Tea roses, these have it all; Beautiful flowers, and a simply amazing fragrance! If you want fragrant roses,it's name says it all.

This is a prolific bloomer, producing flowers throughout the growing season.

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Jackson & Perkins 2005

Blooms Rich Pink color Pointed, ovoid buds, with tea shaped, high centered, double blooms. Blooms are 4-5" across, with 30 petals.

Growth Habits The bush grows upright,5-6" tall

Foliage Medium size, dark green, semi-glossy

Fragrance Very intense, antique rose/fruity fragrance

Hardy Zone


More About the Aromatherapy Rose

 Aromatherapy  is a vigorous growing bush that is a fantastic bloomer, producing blooms all growing season. The first year might seem a bit slow, but just wait until it's second year! That's when the show really begins.

It blooms on new wood, so prune it early for a great year of abundant flowers. The bush makes a wonderful flower in the garden (or anywhere it's planted) and it also is great for cut flowers. The beautiful blooms are formed on long 16-18" stems. The cut blooms are long lasting, and super fragrant! They will perfume the entire room.

This rose is resistant to mildew and rust, but it is susceptible to Black Spot.

These fragrant pink roses are beautiful Hybrid Tea roses to grow if you live in the right zone to grow them in. Hybrid Teas are not hardy in all climates, and although they do well in warmer climates, they usually don't withstand the winters of the colder climates. If your climate is on the cooler side, give them winter protection, if you choose to grow them.

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