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arizona rose

The Arizona Rose are Grandiflora roses that become a unique orange colored rose bush.

The name suits it well. If you think of the state of Arizona, one might think of very warm desert weather, with beautiful sunsets of orange and gold. This unique orange colored rose bush has all that, and a lovely fragrance too!

Urn shaped buds on Rosa Arizona open to form shapely, high centered blooms, of medium size, beautiful flowers.

The flowers on this Grandiflora actually get brighter with cooler weather, so fall brings on the very best in the bush. As with most salmon/orange colored roses, the color varies according to the climate location.

If you like cutting roses

you'll love the long stems that are perfect for the vase. It makes a nice rose in the garden, as well as a rose for cutting.

Type Grandiflora

Hybridizer Weeks 1975

Blooms Colors are a warm golden yellow, and bronzy orange. They can be described as a coppery orange, with undertones of amber and pink. The 2-4" flowers have 25-30 petals. High centered blooms with urn shaped buds.

Foliage Leaves are glossy, bright green, and leathery.

Growth habits This rose is a vigorous grower, that can grow tall. (5-6' high)with a width of around 3'

Fragrance Rich, strong fragrance

Awards AARS 1975

Hardy Zone Zone 4b-9b

More about the Arizona Rose

These is a strong, sturdy growing Grandiflora rose, and a very unique colored rose.  Grandiflora roses like this, can soften up the garden, and add a bit of charm.

The rich green foliage makes a nice backdrop for the beautiful flowers, that have a strong, sweet fragrance.

The flowers are born usually singly, occasionally in clusters of three. They have long stems, perfect for cutting. Cut some in the bud stage, because the buds are as beautiful and elegant as the open flowers.

The orange-blend has a yellow color in the middle, with salmon/red edges. The buds are almost orange at first, but the flowers open out warm pink, with apricot backs, and a yellow color at the base of the petals. The flower seems to change as it ages, turning more toward the lighter pink shades. It is a rather unique orange colored rose, that has as many colors in the flowers, as all the desserts of Arizona.

The flowers on 'Arizona' are always very beautiful, but the colors vary. They are at their richest in the cooler weather.

This hybrid rose bush is considered very disease resistant, but it is sometimes considered a stingy bloomer, and can be somewhat winter tender as well. Colder climates should give the bush winter protection.

Fungus can sometimes be a problem for this rose.

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