Arbor Designs

Add Horizontal Beauty to Your Garden

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Add one of these arbor designs to your garden, and add a romantic touch, that will also give you more places to plant your roses!

These lovely arbors and trellis's give structure to the landscape. They beckon you from afar and force you to gaze in and walk through them.

The arbor, like any outdoor garden structure can define and separate garden spaces. Arbors provide shade, and give support to beautiful vines and flowers.

When combined with a bench, they provide a shady spot to sit and relax. Wouldn't arbor designs like this be lovely in your garden?

Beautiful arbors can be the perfect spot to say "I do".

Many choices of materials are available, including wood, metal, iron, fiberglass, and even live-branches.

Very rustic (twig branches, or live-branches) can be quite pleasing, if they fit in your garden.

Arbor Design Tips;

~Make Sure it Connects to the Landscape~

It should be connected to the landscape, by the surrounding plants, or by being attached to a fence,trellis, or other structure.

It will look very lonely and out of place stuck in the middle of no where.

If you don't already have a spot in mind, look at entryways, or above walkways that would benefit from one.

Try to see the (big picture) of what the future plan for the garden is. Hopefully once it is in place, you won't be moving it!!

~Choose the Right Size~

It should be in scale with the yard and home.

Choose one that (fits) your garden space!

If you have a small garden, or small house, you wouldn't want a very large arbor that would look overwhelming.

~Find the Right Spot~

It should be clearly positioned to encourage walking through.

It should make you want to walk to it, or through it, and explore what's beyond.

You should have the feeling that invites you in, daring you to discover the mysteries within.

As you imagine it in your garden, think about how it will tie into the rest of the garden. Do you want one as an entrance to the garden? Will it have a gate to walk through?

Will it be tucked in the back of the garden with a bench under it for relaxing?

~Dress it up With Flowers~

What (if anything) will you grow on it?

Climbing roses, are of course a perfect choice! But also keep in mind other climbers,that could add to the ambience of the garden.

Your climate zone will, of course limit your selections. A few suggestions:

Clematis, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Passionflower,

Annual vines, such as: Morning Glories, or Sweet Peas grow fast, and make a quick covering!

Very decorative Arbors, are just so beautiful, it would be a shame to obscure them completely with lush vines!

Of course you can always embellish with climbing roses.

Tips for Arbors With Gates


Make sure it's stable enough to handle the extra weight of the swinging gate.

Make it Self-closing

To avoid the gate being damaged during high winds, install a self-closing hinge, so it will close & latch when released.

Avoid Obstructions for opening and closing the gate The bottom of the gate must be high enough to clear hardscapes, such as boulders, or in-ground lighting.

Learn more or purchase this beautiful Iron Arbor with gate icon (Great Price!)
iron arbor with gate

Gates and Fences

When you combine arbors with a fence, you define your garden space.

It becomes the entryway, and the fence become walls that direct foot traffic to it. The fence also help to support the wide spreading vines that can grow 20 to 30 feet.

The vines can spill over on to the fence, giving you even more flowers!

The fence should be visually anchored to it. It should not overpower it, or it will look out of place. Even if it is not literally connected to the fence, the two should appear that they go together.

A shared color, or similiar wood/or material is a must for any arbor design.

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