Aperitif Rose - Most Beautiful and Elegant Yellow Tea Roses

Bright Yellow Hybrid Tea Roses

The Aperitif rose bears bright yellow, exhibition form flowers that make perfect cut flowers. The blooms have a light, spice fragrance.

These Hybrid tea roses have elegant looking yellow blooms that are not only long lasting, but hold their color well.

As they age, the outer petals fade to a creamy yellow, with the center remaining a darker yellow color.

The beautiful flowers on the Aperitif rose not only look well in the vase, but are a bright spot in the garden as well. The new leaves are a strong, burgundy color.

The blooms are borne mostly one to a stem, and come in flushes all season.

The bush grows upright, and tall, reaching around 5-6'

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Type Hybrid Tea rose

Hybridizer Sam McGredy 1998 (New Zealand)

Blooms Bright yellow, classic hybrid tea form, with 17-25 petals. The flowers are 4-4 1/2" across.

Foliage Large sized foliage is light green, matte, and with a moderate amount of prickles (thorns)

Growth Habits The bush grows Tall, upright, and bushy to 6'

Fragrance A slight fragrance (spicy)

Hardy zones zones 7b and warmer

Don't confuse this rose with a Floribunda rose that has the same name.

The Aperitif rose is a vigorous grower, reaching up to 6'. It can actually be used as a small climber.

It is very disease resistant, and considered easy to grow. It is said to do well in most any landscaping situation.

The foliage tends to be dense right to the ground; eliminating any need to plant something in front of it.

This is a great rose for borders, or for planting in containers. It mostly grows upright, with about a two foot spread.

If you are lucky enough to be able to grow the beautiful Hybrid Tea roses, this yellow one 'Aperitif', with its bright yellow blooms could be a nice addition to your garden.

It continues to produce blooms, starting in late spring, right through late summer.

It requires full sun, (it is NOT shade tolerant), it also will not tolerate standing water.

It is best to prune this rose in late winter, after any threat of really cold weather is passed.

Parents: Solitare  x Sunbright

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