Antique Roses- Charming and Hardy Roses of Yesteryear

Old Garden Roses

antique roses

Antique roses, or old garden roses, are those that existed in 1867. 

Wonderfully fragrant, these roses vary in size from container roses to giant climbers.  Some have only one glorious flush of blooms, while others will bloom all summer.

Because classification of Antique roses (or) Old Garden roses covers a wide range of plants, disease resistance and hardiness varies according to the variety. Most have superior hardiness and disease resistance.

You’ll find the most interesting colors, on these heirloom roses. You’ll also find that depending on the rose, growth habits vary wildly. Most of these antique roses are very fragrant.

bellepoitevine rose

The good thing is that Antique roses usually adapt and do well even in poor conditions, but they will certainly be at their best when planted in rich soil that is well drained.

 I personally think, (for me anyway) that the secret to growing these antique beauties, is to purchase own-root varieties. That means ones that have been started from cuttings of the parent plant, and not grafted. They will be stronger and hardier, grow more vigorously, and bloom better.

The flowers on these antique specimens vary in shape from single to very double, and everything else in-between. Most produce large trusses or clusters of roses in a spectacular display.

Warmer climates generally have better growing conditions for them, but depending on the rose, colder states can plant a good number of them with great success.

They are a diverse group of roses that are....... antique, and well worth the effort  to try and grow them.

Below is a list of some of the best...

I share a bit of info on each one of these antique roses, including the hardiness zone when I can.

Note; Some exceptional old roses are included on the list, even though they were introduced a bit after 1867;

CB= Continual Bloom     RB= Repeat Bloom  OB= Once Blooming

List of Antique Roses

Aimee Vibert ~ 1828  White  antique rose Ht 15’ W 10’ RB Zone 5-10

Alba Semi-Plena ~before 1867  Pure white to 6’ OB zone 3-8 Very Fragrant

Apothecary’s Rose~  Antique rosebush before 1310  Fushia  Ht 3-4’ W 4-5’ OB Zone 4-8

Archduke Charles ~ before 1837 China Pinkish/Crimson  H3’ W 4’ CB

Austrian Copper ~ before 1590  Foetida Coppery/scarlet H 4-12'

Autumn Damask ~ Antique rose bush1819 Damask Pink very fragrant

Baronne Prevost ~1842 Hybrid Perpetual  Dark Pinkish H 5’ W 3-5’ RB Zone 5-9 very fragrant

Belle Amour~Unknown-Alba  soft pink, intense scent H6' w 4'

Belle de Crecy ~ 1820 Gallica Pink  fragrant

Belle Isis ~ 1845 Gallica Salmon/pinkish  fragrant

Blush Damask~ 1759 Damask  Rose Pink Intense fragrance 3' x 6'

Blush Hip ~before 1840 H 8-10’ W 6’ OB Zone 4-10

Blush Noisette ~1817 Noisette  White/rosey pink 4-7’tall by 3’ wide

Boule de Neige~ 1867 Biurbon Creamy White upright to 5’ very fragrant

Cabbage Rose ~ 1596 Centiflora Medium to deep pink  6x 4'

Camaieux ~ 1830 Hybrid Gallica White/pink striped  Upright/arching to 4’ OB

Cardinal de Richelieu ~ 1847 Hybrid Gallica Rosy Violet Dense bush to about 4’  OB  

Celine Forestier ~ 1858 Noisette Pale yellow/Cream  grows to 8’ strong fragrance

Celsiana ~  before 1732  Damask Light Pink Blush H 3-6’ W 4-5’ OB zone 4-10

Centifolia ~ Before 1600 Centifolia  Rose Pink  H 5’ W 5’ OB very fragrant

Champney’s Pink Cluster  ~1811 Noisette Pink 4-10’ CB fragrant zone 6-9

Charles de Mills ~1746 Gallica dark red/crimson purple  4x6' OB

Chestnut Rose ~ before 1814 Species Lilac/Pink  7’high and wide  sometimes repeats

Cherokee Rose~ 1759 Species Pink

Cobb Rose ~1800 Pink 3’tall 2-3’ wide hardy zone 5-9

Comte de Chambord ~ 1860 Portland Rich Pink grows to 3’

Cramoisi Superier ~ 1832 Deep red 3-4’ CB

Crested Moss ~1827 Moss Pink  grows to 6’ OB

Dupuy  Jamain ~1868 Hybrid Perpetual  Red/Pink  grows to 5’  Very fragrant

Dutchess De Brabant ~1857 Tea Pink grows 6’tall by 4’ wide CB

Felicite Parmentier ~1843 Alba  Flesh Pink H 4’ W 4’ OB zone 3-8

Ferdinand Pichard ~1921 Hybrid Perpetual  Pink/White striped  to 6’

Frau Karl Druschki ~1901 Hybrid Perpetual  Creamy White 7-10’

Gloire de Dijon 1853 ~Climbing Tea Buff 10-12’ RB zone 6-9

Gloire de France 1819 ~ Gallica Lilac/Pink 2 ½-3’ tall and wide zone 4-8

Great Maidens Blush ~before 1738 Alba Blush Pink  Arching to 7’  OB

More Antique Roses..

Harrisons Yellow ~1830 Hybrid foetida  Antique Yellow H 5’ W 3-4’ OB zone 3-8

Henri Martin ~1862 Moss Crimson rose/pink  arching 5’ OB zone 4-8

Henry Nevard ~1924 Hybrid Perpetual  Deep Crimson to 5’  Very fragrant

Hermosa ~ before 1837 China Pink  H 2-3’ W 2’ CB zone 6-9

Honorine Brabant ~ Bourbon  Pink/violet white striped to 6’  Very fragrant

Ispahan ~ before 1832 Damask Pink H 5’ W 3’ zone 3-8

Jacques Cartier ~ Portland  1868 Pink H 4’ w 3’ CB zone 4-9

Konigin von Danemark ~1826 Alba Pink 4-5’ tall and wide OB zone 3-8 very heavy fragrance

Lady Hillingdon ~1910 Tea Saffron Yellow 6-15’

Lamarque ~1830 Noisette  Creamy white to 20’

La Reine ~1842 Hybrid Perpetual  Pink  to 3’ Very fragrant

La Ville de Bruxelles ~ 1849 Damask  Antique Pink to 5’ OB Very fragrant

Leda ~before 1827 Damask Ivory edged in Crimson  3’ tall and wide Zone 3-8

Louise Odier ~1851  Bourbon Pink H5’ W 4; CB zone 5-10

Maidens Blush ~1797 Alba  antique Blush Pink 4’by4’ OBzone 3-8

Marchesa Boccella ~1842 Hybrid Perpetual  to 4’ tall CB

Mme Alfred Carrier ~1879 Noisette Blush/White-Salmon-Pink  10-20’ zone 6-10

Mme Hardy ~1832 Damask White  6-8’ OB Fragrant

Mme Issac Pereire ~1881 Bourbon Purplish/Pink   H6-8’ W 4-6’ RB zone 5-9

Mme Plantier~ 1835 Hybrid Alba  White 5-6’ tall and wide OB zone 4-8

Mutabilis ~before 1894 Hybrid China Pink/apricot changing colors

Old Blush ~1752 China Lavender/pink 3-5’tall CB zone 6-9

Red Moss ~1862 Moss  Red H 6’ W 4’ OB Zone 4-9

Reine des Violettes ~1860 Hybrid Perpetual Carmine red  to 8’  zone 5-9

Reve d’Or  ~1869 Noisette  Apricot/Orange  to 18’ Fragrant

Rosa Banksiae~ Species Yellow to 30’ Ob

Rosa Eglanteria ~Species Pink  8-12’ OB

Rosa foetida~ Species  Coppery orange and yellow  5-10’ OB

Rosa gallica officinalis ~ Gallica  3-4’ OB

Seven Sisters ~1817 Hybrid Multiflora  Cream/rose/crimson changing colors OB

Souvenir De La Malmaison~ 1843 Bourbon Flesh pink  3-4’ tall and wide

Swamp rose ~1824 Species antique Pink OB

Zephrine Drouhin ~1868  Cerise Pink H 10-12’ W 6’ CB zone 5-10

Here is a list of Once Blooming Old Garden Roses.

Learn about the beautiful Gallica Roses

I hope you found my list of antique roses informative, I will be adding more to the list as I can.

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