Angela Rose- This Rosebush has the Best Stunning Pink Blooms

Rose Pink Floribunda

angela roseAngela

The Angela rose literally covers itself with roses! As the picture shows, the blooms are rose pink in color, highlighted in the center with light pink, and have a crimson reverse. They are very cupped (like no other rose). The cup shaped blooms show off golden stamens.

The flowers never quite open out completely. They appear in very tight, large clusters that show the beautiful contrast between the pink inside and red outsides of the booms.

The heavy flower clusters on the Angela rose remain on the bush for a long time.

The flowers come on short stems, and because of their sheer numbers, the weight of the flowers cause them to bow down a bit, creating a pleasing lax habit.

It is very free-flowering with perpetual blooming all season.

Cooler climates will see a more upright growing bush. Warmer climates experience a more lax bush that grows to around 6', where you can train it to be the perfect Pillar rose that is never without flowers.

Learn more about the Angela rose...

Type Floribunda Shrub rose

Hybridizer   Reimer Kordes   Germany 1984

Blooms Rose pink blooms have a lighter center Flowers are 1 1/2"-2" across, and have 35 petals

Foliage Glossy foliage is medium size, medium green color

Fragrance  Mild to No fragrance (fruity)

Growth Habits Bushy Growing shrub grows 3-5' tall and 4' wide (depending on climate)

Awards Anerkannte Deutsche Rose Award (1982)

Hardy Zones  zones 5b and warmer

Parantage; Yesterday  X Peter Frankenfeld

You might find this rose listed by another name; it is  also known as 'Angelica".

The single flowers with their cupped bloom form appear mostly in large clusters, although they can appear singly. This unique rose blooms continually throughout the season from May through September in most areas.

The Angela rosebush is a vigorous growing rose that is also quite hardy and healthy growing. It produces showy, fragrant sprays that will certainly standout in the garden!

This rose is becoming more popular around the world where it flourishes in a variety of climates like cooler continental climates to warm Mediterranean climates.

It is a very free-flowering excellent and unusual Floribunda shrub rose that seems to have it all!

The Beautiful picture of this rose (Top of page) was sent in by a reader and grows in her garden; Sanja Grcic  (Virje, Croatia)

This one is sure on my wish list! Hoping to plant these in a hedge around my rose garden! If it does as well as the picture of Sanja's rose I will be very pleased!

Update; This rose is not available in the U.S. (boo hoo)


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