American Pillar Rose

Pink Climbing Rose Bush

American Pillar Rose is a fast growing, vigorous climbing rose with carmine pink flowers with a distinct white eye.

A once-blooming old Rambler that will "wow" you when in full bloom! The single pink flowers cover the bush in clusters of 5-10.

american pillar rose

Choose a spot wisely for the American Pillar climbing rose, because once this old-time favorite, starts to grow, it sends out fast growing canes in every direction. Canes can grow up to 20 ft!

These pink climbing roses are favorites of old cottage gardens. It is not uncommon to purchase an old house and find this vigorous climbing rose (out of control) in the back yard. (Lucky you) if this happens!

Type Rambler

Hybridizer Van Fleet 1902

Growth Habits Very vigorous! grows to a height of 10-20 feet, with a spread of 10-12 feet. If left to become a shrub it forms a very thorny hedge that is impenetrable.

Foliage Dark green and glossy

Blooms Carmine pink with a white eye, with a bright yellow stamen.

Fragrance None

Hardy Zone 5-9

american pillar pink climbing rose bush

These pink climbing roses grow fast! As most old Rambler roses, this vigorous climbing rose grows bigger each year. Called a (Pillar Rose), but this one is really not suited for growing on a Pillar. Canes grow to fast, and are very long.

The best place to grow one of these beauties, is on the side of a house, a porch, or outdoor structure (see picture). It would feel right at home on a Pergola, or even growing into a large tree.

The American Pillar Rose is a bit shade tolerant, so it does well growing against a tree, as long as it is not completely shaded. If you've never tried growing roses on a tree, you should! It can be a spectacular sight!

A fence is another good choice for these rose plants. The canes can be tied along the rails for a spectacular show in early Summer.

american pillar climber

These climbing rose bushes bloom for a long time in early Summer. The carmine pink flowers fade to a lighter pink color. The Bright yellow stamens turn brown as the flower ages, which tend to make the white eye more pronounced.

Abundant bright Red Hips are produced at the seasons end.

These climbing plants (roses) tolerates poor soil, and some shade.

It can be sucseptable to Mildew.

The flowers grow in nice clusters, and make nice bouquets of cut flowers that last well. Propagation is easily done from cuttings.

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