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ambassador rose

The Ambassador Rose is a striking two-toned, large-flowered Hybrid tea rose. It has creamy yellow outside petals, with a deep apricot color on the inside.

Large conical buds, open to reveal moderately full, beautiful cupped blooms. As the flower ages, the reddish/apricot color deepens.

The Ambassador bears orange/apricot colored flowers that sometimes turn salmon pink at the edges. It bears flowers continually from Summer through Fall. Flowers are great for the vase, as well as for exhibition.

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Meilland 1979

Blooms deep apricot color on the backs of the petals, and creamy yellow on the insides. Flowers are 4” across,with 26-40 petals

Growth Habits tall, upright, vigorous grower, slightly spreading, that can reach 4’ tall by 3’ wide

Foliage large, dark green

Fragrance light, sweet fragrance

Hardy Zone zone 7-9

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This is not the best bedding rose, but this pink tea rose, is wonderful for a cutting garden. If you are growing roses for cutting, these are certainly a very good choice.

The color of these Hybrid Tea roses is very unique; sort of multi-toned.

You'll find a blend of apricot, yellow, salmon, and even pink tones in this rose. They look beautiful in bouquets.

It is a pink rose, with classic hybrid tea form, single borne flowers, that have long cutting stems, and a slight sweet fragrance.

This rose will mix well with other flowers or roses in many shades, including, but not limited to: pink, coral, yellow, orange, and salmon. Silver, or blue colored plants look especially nice as planting companions, as the colors compliment each other well.

Plant several bushes of Ambassador to have a constant supply to cut. (You'll soon be giving away bouquets to your friends!)

Do you know how to make your cut roses last longer? Cutting roses explains it all.

If you like exhibiting your roses, these would be a good choice also.

They can sometimes have trouble with Mildew, and Black Spot in the Fall. Another issue is that the flowers spoil easily by rain, so this rose will do best, and is best suited for a hot dry climate.

Note: I really love the color on this rose, but because I live in zone 5, I can't grow Hybrid tea roses; not even Ambassador!

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