Altissimo Rose

Red Climbing Roses

The Altissimo rose;  beautiful red climbing roses, with huge velvety red blooms. The large blooms have single petals.

The large, single petal blooms have bright yellow stamens that are flat and broad, giving the rose the appearance of looking like bright red saucers.

These climbing red roses are a real show-stopper in the garden, especially when planted against a white structure, arbor, or fence.

Do not plant the Altissimo rose climber in front of a brick wall, or you will be disappointed. The red color of the rose, and the red color of the bricks on the wall will clash!

This is a wonderful climber rose plant, that grows tall and upright, and can reach a height of 10 feet.

This beautiful rose blooms continuously all season. The pretty flowers carry only a light fragrance.

This climbing rose is considered very disease resistant, except for an occasional problem with the rose disease Black Spot.

To help avoid Black Spot; Never water from above! Water the ground not the plant.

Altissimo Rose Information

Type Climbing Rose

Hybridizer Delbart-Chabert (France) 1966

Growth Habits It is a Moderate growing climber, can grow 10- 12 feet tall.

Blooms Rich, velvet red color, with golden yellow stamens. These red roses have mostly single blooms that are 4-5” across. They have 5-7 petals.

Foliage Large size, Medium green color foliage, semi-glossy,serrated

Fragrance Light scent

Hardy zone zones 6-10

This is a red climbing rose plant that really lives up to it's name, which in Italian means "in the highest".

It is a consistent performer in all climates, and if it is hardy to your zone, is ideal in any climbing landscape project. I'm not sure if "In the highest" refers to it's climbing ability, but actually it is only a moderate climber, but those flowers....! They are certainly "the highest" standard of blooms!

Cooler climates, will make for the brightest, richest colored blooms. Who would think that a rose with only around 5 petals could be such a beauty?

The flowers will appear high on the canes, leaving empty space on the bottoms, if not trained horizontally. Flowers sometimes grow one to a stem, but mostly are borne, several together, in wide clusters.

If you know when to plant roses, you know that planting your rose in early Spring is best.

And training the new, tender canes horizontally as they grow,will force the bush to produce more flowers.

How to Train the Altissimo Rose for the Best Flower Production!

To get more flowers per cane;

As the young canes begin to grow,carefully bend the canes (some to the left and some right), then tie loosely with something soft. You will see lots of new growth sprouting from these canes, and each of them will produce flowers.

The long-stemmed red flowers also last well in the vase. (There is not much scent, but the flowers are so lovely, none is needed!)

The new growth is a purplish color. Large orange hips are produced in the Fall.

Do You grow this rose?

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