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The Aloha Rose, are climbing roses that can be grown as a short climbing rose, or a free-flowering shrub.

This widely grown large flowered climber, has large multi-petalled blooms in a lovely shade of pink, with a deeper reverse.

The restrained growth of this rose, makes it a good choice for climbing up pillars. Plant it on a lamp post for a nice effect, or grow it as a shrub, and watch the blooms appear all season!

Blooming on this climbing rose starts in Summer, and continues through Fall.

More about Aloha rose..

Type Climbing Rose

Hybridizer Boerner 1949

Blooms Rose-pink, with a darker reverse. Cupped flowers are 3 1/2” across With 58 petals

Growth Habits Tall, vigorous, bushy grower, that can reach 8-10’

Foliage medium size, dark green, leathery

Fragrance apple-scented

Hardy Zone 5-9

The large, round buds on 'Aloha' open to beautiful pink flowers, that have a darker reverse,with a hint of orange-pink in the center.

These pink rose bushes are very hardy, and do well even in the shade. Warmer temperatures, however bring out the best color on this two-toned beauty.

Aloha tolerates poor soil, but is still slow growing even in rich soil. It resists rain well.

Hybrid Tea shaped buds slowly open to a rose that has a great number of petals when re-flexed and opened out flat. This rose drops it's petals well, and doesn't ball, even in damp weather.

The color is unique; soft and warm. A very pretty rose.

These rose flowers make excellent cut flowers that are long-lasting in the vase. With such a lovely colored flower, and sweet fragrance, you'll be picking lots for bouquets.

The Aloha `rose is considered a large-flowered climber, because of the generous size of the flowers. It is repeat- flowering, and makes a fantastic shrub, or climber.

It has healthy foliage, and a sweet apple fragrance. Once it starts blooming, it is rarely without flowers.

Care: For the first couple of years after planting, train the new shorts horizontally, by tying them,or spiraling them around a pillar.

Third year and after: trim the main stems as needed and shorten the side shoots.

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