Alister Stella Gray Rose
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Noisette Roses

The Alister Stella Gray Rose, are Noisette Roses, that continually produce light yellow blooms with a darker yellow center.

The flowers open buff, and fade to cream and white. These climbing roses will make a very impressive display in the garden.

The canes are Thorn-less or at least Mostly Thorn-less. The lovely flowers on the Alister Stella Gray bush have a subtle scent. These roses can be trained to grow up a tree, a pillar, over an arch, pergola, or even a wall.

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Type  Noisette Rose

Hybridizer Gray 1984

Blooms Pale yellow, with a darker yellow center. Flowers are 3” across, with 50 petals

Growth Habits Upright, Vigorous grower, that can reach 15’

Foliage dark green, few thorns (prickles)

Fragrance moderate

Awards Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1994

Hardy Zone 5-10

Alister Stella Gray flowers open to light yellow, with darker yellow centers, and change as they age, fading to white.

Blowsy, quartered blooms continue to produce cascades of blooms all season. Deadhead as needed to keep those flowers coming!

These Noisette roses are especially nice to plant with red or blue colored Clematis. Just plant the Clematis along side the rose, and let it twine around training the vines where you want them.

Those who grow these climbing roses say that you can't find another rose to bloom so continually as this one. It is a bushy, vigorous growing rose.

Give this one a few years to get established, and then enjoy the show!


For the first couple years, train new shoots into a horizontal position. The following years, prune by cutting back main stems that get to large, and by shortening side shoots by 2/3rds. Prune in the Fall.

Alister Stella Gray was named after the son of a rich Scottish man (a relative of Alexander Hill Gray) who moved to the south of England (Bath), where the climate was more  suitable for growing Tea roses. But the rainy English climate is not the best place to grow this rose. It likes a warmer, dryer climate, where its lovely soft petals are unspoiled.

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