About the Alchymist Rose- Intensely Fragrant Beautiful Climber

Apricot Colored Climbing Rose

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The Alchymist rose is an extremely vigorous and upright growing climbing rose. It has very healthy, glossy green foliage.

The round buds open to become large, cupped flowers that are yellow shaded with orange.  As they open more, they later reflex like a snowball with lots of quill like petals.

The blooms appear in long stemmed clusters of 3-7 flowers. The flowering begins early in the season, but lasts a long time. (But only once)

The Alchymist rose is officially classified as an 'apricot blend'.

The blooms are an ever changing mélange of gold, yellow, apricot and pink. Commonly referred to as deep yellow, overlaid with buff and peach, with darker centers.

The beautiful rose flowers are old fashioned looking. The opened blossoms are flat, swirled and quartered rosette bloom form. They look like the very popular English roses of today.

They are Once blooming in late spring/early summer.

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Type (Lots of Classes here) Climber, Shrub. Rambler, Shrub

Hybridizer Reimer Kordes 1956 (Germany)

Blooms Apricot color, very full with 41& petals, blooms are 3-4" across. The flowers are quartered, rosettes

Foliage Mid-green, Glossy new growth has bronze foliage

Fragrance Strong scent (fruity)

Growth Habits Very Vigorous grower can grow anywhere between 6-20' if allowed to climb. You can also keep trimmed as a large shrub

Hardy Zones very hardy zones 4-9

Parentage 'Golden Glow' x Hybrid Sweet Briar seedling' (Eglanteria)

The 'Alchymist' rose has not only very lovely flowers, but they are intensely fragrant.

The climate seems to play a part in their beautiful coloring. Cooler weather turns the blooms to more of a rich gold color. While in warmer weather, as the bloom ages the yellow fades while the pink parts deepen.

Those glossy leaves help to make it disease resistant, but it still is susceptible to black-spot.

The plant is a stiff, upright grower with a lot of large thorns (prickles) on the canes.

You can grow this old garden rose as a climber, training it on a pillar, arch, or any support, or keep it trimmed to a manageable large shrub. Either way, you'll get a very impressive rose with a heavenly scent.

This rose would make the perfect support for a mid-summer flowering clematis.

Best uses for this rose; Garden rose, pillar rose, cut flowers

It does equally well in hot or cold climates, doing well with the heat, and being quite hardy in colder climates.

Some of the old time gardeners consider 'Alchymist' to be one of the most beautiful and most rewarding of all the once blooming roses.


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