Albertine Rose

Rambler Rose

The Albertine Rose is a popular rambling rose that has been around for over 75 years.

It is a Rambler rose that is a large-flowered climber, with lovely salmon/pink roses.

This Once blooming rose, displays medium sized cup-shaped blooms, that grow in clusters.

It is the best climbing rose for growing on a fence, where it shines to perfection. The semi-lax stems require continuous tying as the plant grows. Encouraging 'Albertine' to grow horizontal, will cause it to grow up to 15 feet, with considerable flowers!

The Albertine rose is also widely grown on Pergolas, or a wall.

This is a great rose for mild (warm) climates, where it is one of the most widely grown of all the climbing roses! This fast growing rose, thrives on neglect, and blooms incredibly.

It will root very easily from a cutting.

This Wichurana Rambler is intensely fragrant. The scent carries on the air, to fill your yard with sweetness.

It has lots of prickles (thorns) that help it easily climb through small trees, where it is a beautiful sight.

Even soil type isn't a problem for this rose, it isn't fussy a bit!

Learn more about the Albertine Rose..

Type Rambler Rose

Hybridizer Barbier Freres & Campagnie 1921

Blooms Salmon/pink with hints of copper. Cup-shaped, medium size (3")

Growth Habits Vigorous grower, grows upright, tall , up to 15'

Foliage dark green, glossy

Fragrance intense

Hardy Zone 6-9

This vigorous Rambler has wonderful deep green foliage, with stems that are close to purple. Keep securing it as it grows to encourage more growth.

Clusters of red buds, open to coppery/pink colored flowers that are quite fragrant. The flowers slowly age to white.

This rose only blooms once a year, but flowering lasts about 3 weeks in mid-summer.

Sometimes these pink roses have a problem with Mildew, but usually only a minor problem. (this is still a beautiful rose, worth growing)

This Rambler is very common in New Zealand, where early Spring brings a spectacular show! A definite "show stopper"

Pruning Tips For These Climbing Roses

In Late Summer First two Years

Prune side shoots by 3" to a strong shoot

Following Years

Prune up to 1/3 of the oldest main stems back to the ground.

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