Alba Rose

Old Garden Roses

Alba Rose,or old garden roses are very elegant roses. These rose types bloom in lovely shades of white and pinks. Their classification as Old Garden Roses, is such, because they were developed prior to the Hybrid Tea roses.

The lovely colors are the softest blends of whites and pinks. Beautiful in the back of the garden, or as a specimen planting. They do however bloom only once a year, in late spring/early summer.

The free-standing bushes can grow fairly large (up to 7 ft.), with long arching canes. The long canes hang down, in fountain form. A bush in full bloom is breath-taking!

Morning Blush

(Rolf Sievers 1974)

This beautiful Alba rose is white with pink/red edges. They have full (26-40) flat petals. They can reach a height of 4-5 ft, with a width of 6-7ft.

It is Very hardy zones 3b – 9b

This one grows in my garden, and each year I can’t wait for the show! I just love the color of the blooms, very soft, and romantic loking. And so…. many of them! I only wish it would bloom more than once a year!

The blooms last for several weeks,and make nice cut flowers, although, I don’t notice any fragrance on this variety.

It is the soft, romantic colors that wow me! To view the bush at night is a special treat also. If you have many white, or light colored flowers in your garden, take a stroll through it after dark, you’ll be surprised to see how the flowers seem to glow!

A beautiful Alba rose bush makes a very elegant addition to the garden. They thrive even under difficult conditions. They are very UNdemanding roses.

Derived from R. canina & R. galica, they are the tallest of the old garden roses.

Most prefer sun, but are surprisingly shade tolerant.

They are also considered pretty disease resistant.

They bloom on second year wood, so pruning is pretty easy:

How to Prune

Cut out dead canes, but leave the others to grow into a tall, arching shrub, for the full effect. Trim to keep to the size you want, right after flowering. But remember, next years flowers will be born on the canes you have right now, not the new emerging ones.

More Rosa Alba:

White Rose of York

The flowers are semi-double, and very white. A very fragrant Alba rose, that is shade tolerant.

Hardy zones 3-9

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the (color) rose you want in a certain variety. These seem to “have it all” Hardiness, Fragrance, and Beauty hard to beat that!

Queen of Denmark

Medium pink color, with quartered, Double, or rosette form flowers. A very fragrant rose with a strong (Damask scent)

This compact Alba Rose can reach 5′ x 4′ wide.

They are hardy zones 4-8

Felicite de Parmentier

The light pink double flowers, have a strong, sweet fragrance. The bush grows upright to 5′.

This one is also shade tolerant, and hardy to zone 4-9 (nice in a smaller garden)

Mme Plantier

Sometimes called “The Brides Rose”, this Alba Rose has very double, cream colored flowers, that bloom in clusters. The bush produces long, cascading branches, that could reach 15 ft. if left un-trimmed.

(very beautiful) Hardy zone 3-9

See more Brides roses and Flowing Bridal Bouquet here.

Great Maidens Blush

Soft pink, very double, lovely flowers. Bush is hardy zones 4-10

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