Aimee Vibert Rose

White Noisette Rose

The Aimee Vibert rose is a Noisette rose that produces lovely clusters of pure white, scented and double blooms.

aimee vibert rose

Like some of the other Noisettes, the Aimee Vibert rose comes into flower a week or two later than other Old Garden roses such as the Bourbon climbers.

This is a vigorous growing climbing rose bush that can reach around 12' tall by 10' wide. The canes are nearly thorn-less, making it easy to train them.

It has plenty of healthy, glossy green leaves.

The buds and bloom on this charming rose, along with the brilliant foliage make for one enchanting rose bush!

Learn more about the Aimee Vibert rose...

Type Noisette rose

Hybridizer Jean Pierre Vibert 1828 (France)

Blooms Pure white, double, cluster flowered roses are about 1 1/2" - 2" across with about 40 petals

Foliage Dark green, glossy

Growth Habits Vigorous grower can reach 10-15' with a spread of around 10' wide.

Fragrance Moderate Musk scent (opinions differ some say strong scent)

Hardy zones 5b-10

Parentage Champney's Pink Cluster  x   R. sempervirens hybrid

The pretty white blooms have concave outer petals, while the inner petals are small and tousled. The clusters contain medium sized flowers and red flushed buds.

The flowers will sometimes retain a flush of pink, but they open out to white rosettes with visible stamens in the center.

The flowers are produced in small, dainty clusters of 5-12.

The thin petals can spoil in the rain or humid weather.

The wonderful musk scent of this rose helped it to become a very popular Noisette when it was introduced.

The grower grew it at a test garden near Paris (Longiumeau). He named the rose 'Aimee Vibert' after his beloved daughter Aimee.

You can grow the 'Aimee Vibert' as a climbing rose, or keep it trimmed to become a large shrub.

It is a prolific bloomer, that blooms in flushes throughout the growing season. (Some sources say it has only one flush of bloom that lasts so long, many think it a repeat bloomer).

It seems to be at it's best in late summer/early fall.

This white rose will take a few years to establish itself, so be patient in growing it. The first couple years it will expend it's energy into producing canes and foliage. It might not bloom until year 3. After that........It will amaze you!


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