About Adirondack Chairs - Absolutely the Most Comfy 

Garden Chairs

Adirondack Chairs are great for relaxing in the garden!

They are without a doubt, THE most comfortable garden chairs to relax in! Of course they're not just for the garden, they are quite nice on the  deck, patio, or any spot you want to sit for a bit!

Adirondack Chairs

Can't you just imagine sitting in this outdoor wood furniture and sipping a beverage, while you enjoy your break from gardening? Can you hear the birds? ahh... the serenity!

Did you know?

Adirondacks come in a variety of materials.

  • You'll find outdoor wooden furniture sets
  •  Recycled Plastics, and even
  •  painted chairs.

You'll find Adirondack chairs with

  • comfort backs
  •  reclining backs
  • swivel gliders
  • rockers
  • and folding ones.

More than just outdoor wooden chairs, you can find Adirondack swings, with or without stands, that can make relaxing in the garden, even more enjoyable.

Take a minute, rest a bit, and enjoy the birds, butterflies, bees, and all the other wild creatures that visit your garden. Have a Moment with Nature while relaxing outdoors!

Adirondack Chair Facts

Colors on these garden chairs can include: black, blue, brown, green, orange, white, red, and of course the all natural wood color.

These outdoor wooden chairs can be made from; Pine, Cedar, Cypress or Fir. You can add a foot rest, and a side table, (for placing the tea pot on!)to your choice of wood garden furniture.

Find a shady spot in your rose garden, and treat yourself to one of these comfy garden and patio furniture chairs. (or better yet, get two, and enjoy some company) Maybe you can get this person to help in the garden! (wishful thinking)

A Bit of Chair History

This specific chair was originally designed by Thomas Lee. His rather large family, spent summers in Westport, N.Y., near the Adirondack mountains.

In an attempt to provide them with some much needed outdoor furniture, he designed, and built the first Adirondack chair. It was a huge hit with the family, they all loved it!

Unfortunately, he showed the chairs to a local carpenter, named Harry Bunnell.

Without the knowledge of Thomas Lee, Harry patented the chair in 1905, and the rest is history!

Outdoor seating can be more than a place to rest. Placed in (just the right spot), they can also add a visual plus to the garden.

Gardens are all about planning. How better to "Take a good look at the garden", and ponder your next gardening step, then sitting in the midst of it?

Take a reference book and a pencil right out with you. Sit down, relax a bit, and take a good look around. Is everything the way you envisioned it? Are there changes you need to make? Roses you want to add?

Have a seat in one of these comfy chairs and do some planning!

Plow & Hearth

More ways to relax in the garden


As much as I enjoy gardening, I realize, (as I'm sure you do also), gardening can't be ALL work! You have to learn to relax a bit and ENJOY your garden.

Along with my Adirondack chairs,this rope hammock enables me to not only take a break...but a nap, if I want. On those lazy days of summer, (when I actually get a whole day to play in the garden) I tend to over-do it...

So, I'll slip into my Large Rope Hammock and rest, sometimes actually falling asleep. Well it's just so darn comfy, I can't help it!

Here you'll find wrought iron garden furniture

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