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Abraham Darby RoseAbraham Darby

The Abraham Darby Rose, bears fragrant, apricot pink colored roses.

These David Austin English Roses are considered one of his best pink colored roses.

The cupped blossoms have a unique fragrance, and are quite hardy in the garden.

This is one that I personally grow in my garden, and I love it. Did I tell you my favorites are pink roses?

Abraham Darby  has all the qualities I look for in a rose: Nice color, good fragrance, hardy in my zone, and disease resistant.

Don't you love it when you find one you like, that has it all, like these David Austin garden roses?

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Hybridizer David Austin 1985

Growth Habits A well-disciplined rounded bush grows 4-6 feet tall, and higher in warmer climates. It can get around 4ft. wide.

Foliage Lovely foliage is dark green, glossy and also disease resistant

Blooms The color is a medium warm pink to apricot, that at times are touched with golden yellow. 100-plus petals 4-5".

Fragrance The pronounced fragrance is Intense, peachy/lemon fragrance

Hardiness zone

Hardy zones 4/5-10

More about Abraham Darby Rose

The Old-fashioned, large sized, cupped blooms on the Abraham Darby, English roses are one of the best roses for repeat bloom, and vigor.

They are especially know for their freedom of rose diseases black spot on roses.

The beautiful colored blooms are large, and lightly cupped, with lots of petals. They are old-fashioned type blooms that have over a hundred petals.

The apricot pink color of these roses are unique. They tend to hold on to the petals a little (to well), keeping them on the bush long after they have turned brown and died. Keep them deadheaded as they begin to fade,to avoid this unsightly look.

This vigorous, bushy rose 'Rosa Abraham Darby',is a consistent performer in nearly all climates. It is a very popular rose for planting in English rose gardens.

It bears flowers in small clusters. It has a bushy growth, that spreads slightly, but is tall, and well shaped.

It is disease resistant, but it will sometimes have a problem with rust.

The soft yellow buds, open to a glowing coppery apricot color ( a color that was never seen in old garden roses). As the flower opens, the pink outer petals, fade to a soft cream and peachy pink color. Hotter climates will produce more of the copper coloring, while cooler climates see more of the pink color. Both versions are quite beautiful.

The rose 'Abraham Darby' was named for one of the founders of the Industrial Revolution.

Best way to Grow this rose...

These are Shrub Roses that are ideal. They are low maintenance roses, that are a good choice for growing in the garden, because of their long bloom time, and great fragrance.

This one is a good choice for a shrub border. 'Abraham Darby' is one of the more hardier of the David Austin roses.

Mine returns year after year. (Even one in another garden) that is a bit 'neglected', returns and happily blooms each year.

The constant color make the Abraham Darby rose good for a country garden look. It would also blend in nicely in a cottage garden, mixed with other flowers.

Reader Comments;

Abraham Darby Cluster of Roses

by Sanja Grcic
(Virje, Croatia)

David Austin, medium shrub, english rose, fruity fragrance, apricot-pink color
Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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