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Welcome to my site, and info about me!

Let me share with you my knowledge of rose gardening, and help with your gardening experience.

I truly believe that the soul of the garden is that of its creator.

All gardens are not created equal. Make yours uniquely you!

Of all my gardens- (and I have many!) Tulip garden, Herb, Peony, Cutting,

"The Rose Garden' is by far my favorite!

I get my inspiration from the romantic charm of the English Gardens, with the lovely old fashioned English roses. I love the formality and the tidy greenery that ties it all together.

Babies Breath, Artemisia, and lambs wool, planted among the blooming roses, create a lacy filter and a natural instant bouquet.

Roses White

For as long as I can remember, gardening has been a part of my life...We always lived on a farm, and while my 5 other siblings were having fun with the farm animals, (especially the ponies); I was all about "playing in the dirt" with what ever I could grow.

We always had roses and flowers of some sort, and of course a vegetable garden every year.

A Rose Garden of my Own

When I married and had a house of my own, before the lawn was even established, I was preparing spots for my flower gardens.

I tried my luck with roses.....but each year grew more disappointed with the results. I've had lots of trial and error experiences in the years since!  Now I grow only easy to grow roses that are hardy to my planting zone.

roses at allaboutrosegardening

Those of us who truly love to garden, know there will be obstacles along the way, we expect them, we welcome them, embracing the chance to face the challenge, and conquer it.

But if I had a time machine that would have shown me things that I NOW know...It would be invaluable to me!

Let me show you all the little secrets I've learned along my journey of gardening...

It's easier to do it right the first time, than to do it all over again...

When I first began gardening, I didn't do much in the way of planning. I simply planted whatever I could get my hands on. Through years of experience, I've learned that careful planning is truly;

             ~The key to success for every Garden.~

Learn all about rose gardening, and gain some valuable gardening advice. 

Turn your Roses into Crafts and Recipes

Once you have a garden full of beautiful roses.... Don't stop there!

Organically grown roses can be used in crafts of all sorts, as well as delicious recipes!

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