A Rose is a Rose

Factors That Effect Colors of Roses

Coral Colored rose

A rose is a rose. Or is it?

Why is it that the Coral colored rose you loved in your friend’s garden looks different in your garden? Because many things factor in to the color of the rose.

Because a rose is a (rose of a different color) when you factor in things such as certain growing conditions, temperatures, intensity of the sun, the amount of rainfall, as well as the pigmentation in the rose itself. These things all contribute to the coloring of the rose.

Is a rose chosen for color alone?

Gardeners generally choose flowers by color for their gardens, and roses are no different. Thinking; a rose is a rose, doesn't work, because their are so many variations of the color rose!

Climate Effects on the Color of a Rose

Your local climate will have an effect on your roses.

For example, the very bright sunlight, and extreme heat of warm climates can cause changes of coloring on the rose flowers, and make them appear to be different colored flowers.

  • ~Yellow roses can fade, and become a much lighter yellow color
  • ~Dark pink and Red roses can develop darker edges. If you still think "a rose is a rose" consider the effects of the weather.
  • ~Damp climates can effect yellow roses making them especially prone to black spot.
  • ~You should avoid planting white roses in rainy climates, because they can be prone to water spotting. Consider planting them where they won't get dripped on by trees or eaves.

A rose the color pink

For most gardeners, the variability in the color of their roses only add to their charm, and most agree that a rose is a rose, as long as it performs well for them.

If rose color significance is very important to you, and you to need your rose be a specific color, you should check the description of it from several sources. If you get similar descriptions, it’s a good indication that the rose will be true to color.

  • Blooms that have only a few pigments in their color such as yellow and pink, usually stay the same throughout the season.
  •  Ones with more complex shades like apricot and coral, tend to change as the rose matures.
  •  Red roses sometimes add a slight tinge of purple as it ages due to the blue pigmentation.

See below for the meaning of the different colored roses.

Classifications of Color Variations
That Make a Rose a Rose

Solid The rose has one dominant color

Multicolor Roses The rose can exhibit blooms of different colors on the same bush

Bi-color Flowers with a different color reverse

Striped The rose bears stripes of a different color

Hand painted The flowers have a delicate touch of a lighter color that actually looks like someone touched them with a paint brush.

Blended a blend of two or more colors on the same flower

When choosing roses to plant in your garden, the specific color may not be all that important to you.

A garden full of different colored roses may be all you want. If, however, you want specific shades of rose, or garden flowers that have to be an exact match, maybe for wedding flowers, bridal bouquets,or flowers to match a certain fabric, you will have to be more choosey.

A rose is a rose? Not always! Your local weather plays a big role in the color of your roses.

  • Cold climate gardeners will have roses with more intense color
  •  Very hot, or warmer climates may experience roses that look softer and more faded.
  •  Regional conditions are also important factors in the size, vigor and color of the rose.

The same rose could look different in every garden, depending on the conditions, which can include(soil, climate, weather, rain) and also the maturity of the rose bush.

These color variations are not always problematic, and most gardeners don't give much thought to it. A subtle difference in shades of the rose flower, might not even be noticed, if you don't actually have two roses placed side-by-side to actually see the difference!

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