Riding Lawn Mower 101

The riding lawn mower is the ideal solution so that cutting the lawn of the garden is no longer a task and does not require much physical effort. Equipped with a seat, the riding lawn mower allows the user to comfortably sit on this machine to guide it since they want to cut all the grass in the garden.

The riding lawnmower is ideal for large surfaces. These are the main things you should know about the lawn tractor before buying it.

What is the use of a riding lawn mower?

A riding lawn mower not only facilitates the cutting of large areas of grass, but also the collection of grass clippings. It adapts to all types of terrain, steep or obstacles. This tool makes it much easier for the gardener to save time.

When it takes hours to cut with an electric or thermal mower, the time required will be reduced by almost half with a riding lawn mower. The riding lawn mower allows the gardener to be relieved of the difficulty of this work. Its ease of driving makes it usable by the highest number.

How to use a riding lawn mower

The riding lawn mower is the practical alternative when the conventional lawnmower falls short, due to the large area on which one has to work. This product has an efficient cutting system and an engine that propels the machine so that the operator only has to drive it on the grass to achieve a quality cut. Anyway, let’s see how to use a riding lawnmower efficiently since it also has its process. To choose the right riding lawnmower fit your need, check out this article from Saraheberle.com

  • Checking machine

As a first step, it is necessary to verify that the mower is ready to work. Something that translates into checking the level of fuel present in the tank as well as checking the lubrication and engine oil level. We must also check that the tank is empty and tightly closed.

Finally, we will take a look at the machine, to verify that all the equipment are in good condition, with the wheels at their best, the plastics in place, the different elements free of dirt and free of anything that could pose a problem when it is time to work, such as tangled remains and other items.

  • Engine start

The next step is to start the engine which is simple task whereby the mower has a switch that simplifies the process, or turns the starter key. However, the start must always be done with the engine engaged, precisely to avoid problems during the process. Many lawnmowers start with clutches, making it impossible to start them with the gear engaged. For the same reason, the cutting disc must be up until we start cutting. Once the engine is started, it is only required to get in gear and move towards the work area, driving with caution.

  • Cut adjustment

Once we are on the ground, it is time to choose the height of the cut we want and proceed to the activation of that cut by coupling the blade. This blade has an adjustable height, according to the technical parameters of the product, having several positions depending on how high or low we want to cut the grass. Once everything is ready, we only have to drive on the grass, at the forward speed of the mower, to proceed to cut the grass efficiently.

  • Product cleaning

Once we have finished working, it is necessary to raise the cutting blade again, to take the mower out of the grass. Next, we will drive to the garage area to proceed with the cleaning and maintenance of the product.

A process in which we will use a leaf blower or similar to remove the remains of grass and other plant remains from the machine, using water for cleaning the cutting platform, using the hole included in this area is included. Let the tractor dry thoroughly before parking it and store it until the next use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the belt of a riding lawnmower?

To change the belt, we will start by securing the mower so that it does not move. We also place the clutch in neutral, in order to manipulate the belt. Once located, it is vital that we memorize how it is mounted, because we must follow this scheme backward to place the new belt.

In general, one of the pulleys on which the belt is installed should have a retainer, which we will have to release to remove the old belt and make the change. Once released, it is enough to remove the strap entirely and insert the new one, correctly placing the retainer and following in reverse the steps we have taken in disassembling.

How to sharpen the mower blades?

The process of sharpening the blade of a riding lawn mower is similar to that we carry out for a traditional lawn mower. To start, we must disassemble the blade, accessing the bottom of the tractor using a jack or something similar. It is essential to take precautions during the process. Once we have the blade removed, we place it in a bench screw to hold it, with the edge up, and proceed to sharpen.

This operation can be done manually using a metal file or a sharpening stone, leaving the edge at an angle of about 40 or 45 degrees. If we do it by machine, the process is the same, although with the precautions corresponding to the use of this type of tool. To finish the process, put the blade back in place and secure it properly.

How to clean a riding lawnmower?

As opposed to what we might think, it is not advisable to use a high-pressure washer or high-pressure water for this process, since water can damage the engine and other elements of the mower. In return, it is better to use a leaf blower to remove grass and similar remains from the product.

We can also use a conventional water hose for the platform area, provided that it is adequately protected so that the water does not go where it should not. This cleaning process must be carried out after each use of the tractor.

What oil does a lawn mower have?

Since the oil depends on the weather conditions in which the tractor operates, there is no standard regarding which oil a lawnmower should use. Some manufacturers recommend the use of a 5W30 oil, while others opt for a 10W 40. So we will have to see what the manufacturer recommends according to the environment in which we plan to use the mower.

How to start a lawnmower?

As advanced machinery, the riding mower incorporates an automated start system, so press the power button to start the equipment. This activates the ignition system, which uses a solenoid to generate a spark and start the engine. So it is not necessary to pull strings or use other sophisticated systems for starting, as in conventional models.

How to repair a lawn mower?

Given the complexity of the product, a lawnmower is not something we can repair as well. What we can do are specific maintenance tasks, such as sharpening the blade, tightening or changing the drive belt, or refilling the oil. Anyway, the best way to know is to take a look at the user manual of the product, to be precise.