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All About Rose Gardening is a great reference and teaching tool for growing roses.

RoseGardening with Pink Roses

Growing Roses

Do you want to learn All About Organic Gardening With Roses? Are you searching for Rose Gardening information on how to grow rose bushes, or just some good advice, and tips to learn more about caring for roses?

  • Discover the secrets to organically growing roses that become beautiful, lush, rose plants.
  • Grow a garden planting full of Fragrant Roses for a cutting garden.
  • I'll Teach you how to make compost and combat Garden pests and diseases.
  • You'll find some creative uses for the roses you grow, like crafts and recipes.

Let Me Help You With........

Choosing Roses

choosing roses

Planting Roses

how to plant roses purple rose

Caring for Roses

care of roses pink rose


Bigger Blooms on Roses from Fertilizing


Rose Disease Black Spot on Roses


stem cuttings of roses for propogating

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Lots of Pictures of Rose Garden Design Ideas for Inspiration

rose gardening

Do you need help with gardening design for creating your own garden of rose plants? Search the many garden photos for garden design ideas that will fit your own rose gardening design.

I've included many Flower Garden pictures, Roses and Gardening pictures, and many Rose Varieties that will inspire you to create your own Rose Garden Design for the garden of your dreams.

As you view the Rose Images of my gardens, you'll see many different types that are Easy to Grow Roses, and low maintenance roses.

You'll find many different rose types, such as Old Garden, Modern, Knock Out Roses Hybrid Teas, Heirloom, Climbing, Miniatures, the spectacular Rose Tree, Shrub, Carpet, and more beautiful rosebushes.

pink roses banner
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Some Favorite Rose Types

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses

Heirloom, Old Garden Roses

Heirloom Old Garden Roses

Floribunda Roses Angel Face

Floribunda Roses

David Austin Roses

David Austin Roses

Miniature Rose Bushes

Miniature Roses

Grandiflora Roses

Grandiflora Roses

Pink Climbing Rose Bushes

Climbing Roses

Knockout Roses

Knockout Roses

Rugosa Rose Theresa Bugnet

Rugosa Roses

Want a certain color for your rose garden?

It's sometimes hard to choose the right color rose from the many that are offered each year.

Click on any of the pictures to go to that page to discover some beautiful roses in that color.


pink roses


purple roses


white roses


red roses


yellow roses


orange roses




Striped Rose Flower
Wine colored roses
striped roses
Gardener's Supply Company

Gardening with Roses

little girl in rose garden

This site about rose gardening will teach you all the basic things you need to know to grow your own organic garden of rose bushes.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • Learn how to Make your own Compost, for Great Organic Fertilizer
  • List of Flowers to plant with your roses(Companion Flowers)
  • Need to move a rose bush? Learn about Transplanting Roses
  • Do you know the secret to Pruning Rose Bushes for more blooms?
  • You'll find a guide to Rose Diseases, and Garden Pests (and what to do about them)
  • Find out which are the "Good Garden Bugs" Beneficial Insects defend your garden from predators.
  • You'll find plenty of advice and tips on Organic Gardening

Gardening with Roses Made Easy With plenty of useful tips, Gardening Advice and suggestions on How to Grow Roses, along with some creative uses for them.

Outdoor-Wedding-Ideas to turn your garden into the perfect spot to say "I Do".

Like I said..... "All" About Gardening With Roses!

Just Starting a Garden of Roses?

If you've tried in the past with no luck...

Maybe you need to revisit growing roses (organically)

You'll find lots of suggestions and tips on Organic Gardening here.

A Gardenfilled with Climbing Red Roses

Are you looking for a specific Rose for your garden? Search my Long (ever-growing) List by the Names-Of-Roses and see a picture, with growing information.

You'll find this site to have the most information about each individual plant that you'll find anywhere on the web. I add new roses continually.

You can even send in your own picture, if you grow that one, we'd love to see it! Or if you are wondering about a specific rose flower that you don't see listed, please let me know, I will gladly research it, and add it to the growing list!

My Roses in the Back of the Rose Garden

Back of Rose Garden

This is an arbor of "New Dawn" rose, and "Dorothy Perkins", growing in my own garden. They both are very hardy climbing roses that do well for me in my zone 5 climate. Blue flowering cat-mint plants happily flower at the base.

Gardener's Supply Company

Creative Ideas for Using Your Roses

There's lots you can do with those rose petals and rose hips! So don't just enjoy the flowers from your garden, get creative and give one (or all) of these crafts using roses a try!

Some make great gifts!

Click on the picture to go to the page....

rose cosmetics

Rose Cosmetics

Drying Roses

How to Dry Roses

rose oil

Rose Perfume

rose petal soap

Rose Petal Soap

rose hip tea recipe

Rose Hip Tea Recipe

Rose Petal Beads

Make Rose Petal Beads

Follow my Blog, to see what's happening in My gardens and all the new pages. All About Roses and Gardening Blog   

Simply....... ALL About Rose Gardening!

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Author: Carol F.

Carol in Roses

I share my roses, rose gardening secrets ,and organic gardening tips for caring for rose bushes. Come garden and plant with me..... learn more    about me.

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Girl smelling Fragrant Roses

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I'm not very good at gardening (though I try to be) and your website has been a wonderful help to me in finding a beautiful easy care climber for my north facing garden.

Country: United Kingdom

Your comments or suggestions: I just wanted to say a great big thank you!!! Your site is the best I've seen for gardening!

The website is not only well laid out, it is also written in a way that is both very interesting and and well informed. - Knowing everything about how often it flowers, soil, hardiness and disease resistance etc. is extremely helpful. I also love that you consider other things like the wildlife and offer help with Garden plans.

Keep up the good work!


Cambridge, England.

  Carol !

 Thank you for your effort to create such a wonderful  site . I am already enjoying  it .

 My Best regards,    Tatiana

Good Morning Carol,

I love your website and getting your news letter is such fun for me. I  read your updates and add your knowledge to my vast gardening experience. I have been gardening for over 60 years or rather since I was able to walk. I also have been designing gardens and beds since I was 7 years old. I never get tired of learning from others.

   Sincerely Yours


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